Depot Basel

Wir sind keine Messe. Wir sind kein Festival,
kein Museum, kein Showroom, keine Galerie.
Wir sind ein temporärer Ort für kontemporäre Gestaltung,
mit den besten Absichten.

Depot Basel_TEAM_2013

Our core team consists of five people, all from different professional backgrounds. As a designer, journalist, design theorist and economist, we combine theory with practice and prove ourselves on (in) a self-initiated project.



Team Depot Basel


Laura Pregger (CH/D)


Pregger Laura (* 1984) completed her studies in ‘Jewelry and Daily Objects’ at the University of Design in Pforzheim, Germany. Today she lives and works in Basel. In 2009 she founded a design laboratory: ‘Laura Pregger DesignLab’. This focuses on the interface between industry and craft. In autumn 2013 she starts to complete a Master in Art Education at the ZHdK for ‘Curating & Museum Education’.


Matylda Krzykowski (PL/D/NL)


Matylda Krzykowski (*1982) is a curator and designer. She is interested in design as a vehicle for communication and content distribution, particularly in connection with the designers themselves. She founded Bureau Matylda Krzykowski, transdisciplinary practice, that brings all her collaborative activities under one roof. Since 2014 Matylda is a participant at the Jan van Eyck Academy.


Moritz Walther (CH)


Moritz Walther (*1987) studied at the Hyperwerk Institute, Project Design at the School of Art and Design in Northwest Switzerland. Afterwards he worked at the de-lay GmbH, agency in marketing and design management in Basel. Here he contributed to the study of Basel creative industries. Today he works part time at the ‘ProgrammZeitung’ also in Basel, is part of a design collective and works on various
different projects.


Elias Schäfer (CH)


Elias Schäfer (*1984) holds a Bachelor in International Affairs and Governance form the University of St. Gallen. He worked with the trade an crafts association Basel as policy consultant, and amongst other projects, he was responsible for the creative industries. Elias Schäfer is also member of committee Kulturstadt Jetzt.


Rebekka Kiesewetter (CH)


Rebekka Kiesewetter (*1976) studied art history and economics in Zurich. After an editorial internship, she worked as an editor for Ideales Heim/Atrium, then she implemented and managed the Interiordesign-blog ( of the NZZ and wrote for the NZZ am Sonntag (Stil, Magazin Z) about design. Today she is responsible for the department ‘Housing & Interior Design’ at Annabelle and writes for several publications in Switzerland and Germany (i.a. Hochparterre, DADI, Weekender). In 2013 Rebekka Kiesewetter joined the team of Depot Basel. Since 2014 she works for Lars Müller Publishers.

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