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Wir sind keine Messe. Wir sind kein Festival,
kein Museum, kein Showroom, keine Galerie.
Wir sind ein temporärer Ort für kontemporäre Gestaltung,
mit den besten Absichten.

Exhibition 30 (27.02.–28.03.2015) –

Redefining creative life stability
Exhibition, Events, Online Publication

The exhibition is over, but will be online and updated with documentations from the events held in Depot Basel and new contributions from a variety of experts. Follow the evolvements and read through the chapters, and see the diversity of reflections about the topic collected on !


Upcoming Events

4 – 6 PM

Reflections on (self-)perception

The Course of What Will Happen. Redefining Roles and Rules

With Heini Lehtinen and Silvia Pillow Neretti

What one thinks of oneself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We invite you to redefinine your goals and trajectories and to reconsider the attitudes of independent workers, both creative and other, in order to define a different future for both individual workers and the class of ‘precarious workers’ as a group.

‚Agency of Precedents‘ live: Redefine your future independent work path in a personal meeting with designer-researcher Silvia Pillow Neretti at her ‘Agency of Precedents’. Take your CV with you, both in PDF and paper versions.

Reframing the essay ‘Lalalabour’ by Heini Lehtinen: Rethinking our own attitudes and perceptions.
& A talk with artist Francisca Silva about identity and the self, about memes and shifting perceptions.

Event in English


27.02. – 28.02.2015
every Friday, 2 – 4 PM

Consultation & Performance

Silvia Pillow Neretti’s ‘Agency of Precedents’ online

The ‘Agency of Precedents’ will be open and active online for visitors of the exhibition to participate.
Participation by appointment
Send your CV in PDF version before the online Skype meeting.


8 PM

Action, Talks

Common Wealth Inquiries. Centralized Legitimization vs. Decentralized Creation

Lodovica Guarnieri, Zeno Franchini, Penny Webb in collaboration with TEOK.

With Chus Martínez, Head of the Institute of Art of the FHNW Academy of Arts and Design in Basel, Diego Palencia, Director of Finance Commercial & Operations at The Financial Times in London and Tom Wespi, founder of

Combining three talks and a live editorial performance, the event explores the potential embedded in the decentralized European creative landscape and its immaterial economical interactions. The public will be asked to engage in a different value exchange while the three TEOK speakers will explore the meaning of currency related to debt, trust and work, opening present potentials towards possible future scenarios.


7 PM


Collective as a Method. Working on Experiences and Strategies

Fictional Collective in collaboration with Claudia Mareis (FHNW Basel), Johannes Bruder (FHNW Basel), Sasha Cisar (ETH Zurich), Robert Lzicar (HKB Bern)

An open discussion on examples, a case study, a dialogue of critical points, a sharing of thoughts on current working conditions, from emergency to Felix da Housecat. With: Jana Eske, Sasha Cisar, Robert Lzicar, Ephraim Ebertshäuser, Moritz Walther, Zeno Franchini and Rebekka Kiesewetter.


6 PM

Live Rehearsal & Performance

Patterns of Uncertainty. The Process of Work

Aya Bentur and Sophie Rzepecky in collaboration with Lorenz Nufer

Looking for work: selling yourself. A live rehearsal becomes a performance of uncertainty.

Using rehearsal as a mechanism to understand the gestures and movements of improvisation, vulnerability and the unknown. We looked to the actors Christoph Mörikofer and Florian Müller-Mohrungen and the actor/director Lorenz Nufer as they re-enacted a scene of desperation and hope. Based on a true event, the re-enacting centered around an actor, who desperately searching for a job, confronts the artistic director of a theater company with a prop rifle. Christoph Mörikofer and Florian Müller-Mohrungen, mediated by Lorenz Nufer, re-enacted the scene in different tonalities, trying to reach the complexity of the relationship between actor and artistic director, the powerful and the powerless. Spoken in German, the scene was reconstructed over and over, examining through gestures, facial expressions and verbal intonation, how volatile and static power structures can be.

Event in German


This Is Work – Exhibition

‘This Is Work’ is an investigation of the relationship between creative work for economic value, and for cultural and personal worth. Through the exhibition, members of the Fictional Collective see the need to respond to shifting creative work strategies in order to redefine the concepts of stability upheld by previous generations. The intention of the exhibition is to explore the economical, physiological and mental trajectory of the new creative, and to open dialogue around new working methods and resulting economies.


The projects’ versatile topics are divided into four sub-themes, each shedding light on a specific aspect:

- Collective as a Method. Working on Experiences and Strategies
- Patterns of Uncertainty. The Process of Work
- The Course of What Will Happen. Redefining Roles and Rules
- Common Wealth Inquiries. Centralized Legitimization vs. decentralized Creation

Each sub theme is represented within an installation at Depot Basel, accompanied by a weekend event, hosted and developed by members of Fictional Collective in collaboration with Swiss-based practitioners and theorists form various fields.

The exhibition themes, and the weekend events will be documented, discussed and developed within the online publication at, which will evolve during the whole duration of the exhibition.


‘This Is Work’ Online Publication

In addition to the exhibition, ‘This Is Work’ also takes a form of an online publication at which will be developed throughout the duration of the exhibition. The online publication functions as an evolving, time-based laboratory, as well documenting and discussing the happenings at Depot Basel through the weekend events.

The publication’s chapters, which thematically equal the program items, are developed by Fictional Collective and their local collaborators in the events, and enriched with contributions from a wide variety of designers, writers and researchers.

Each chapter of the publication will be published a week prior to the event of the same name, and available for download.

Design & Concept: Gabriela Baka & Fictional Collective

With (audio-)visual, written and sound contributions by:
Yasmin Afshar, Armen Avanessian & Andreas Töpfer, Flurin Bertschinger, Anna Bloch, Brave New Alps, Johannes Bruder, Juliette Chrétien, Sasha Cisar, Marta Colon, Gioia Dal Molin, Claudia Mareis, Daniel Fernandez Pasqual,  Anne Gabriel Jürgens & Marvin Zilm, Pascal Gielen, Angela Gigliotti & Fabio Gigone, Gregory Gilbert-Lodge, Ronny Hunger, Matthias Kappeler, Jonas Löllmann, Jesper List Thomsen, Silvio Lorusso,  Robert Lzicar, Vinzenz Meyner, Martina Muzi, Lorenz Nufer, Juan Palencia, Elisa Pasqual & Marco Ferrari, Katja Praznik. Anna Puigjaner, Dorothee Richter, Vera Sacchetti, Claudia Stöckli, and many more.


For more information, dates and updates, please follow also:
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Opening times
Friday, Saturday 2 – 7 PM
Sunday 2 – 6 PM

In cooperation with Fictional Collective