Depot Basel

Wir sind keine Messe. Wir sind kein Festival,
kein Museum, kein Showroom, keine Galerie.
Wir sind ein temporärer Ort für kontemporäre Gestaltung,
mit den besten Absichten.

Occasion 26 (18.09.2014) –

2.30 PM

Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Victoria & Albert Museum
Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL, United Kingdom


Working in design means constantly looking for opportunities that come through others. A designer seeks a producer, a curator hunts for a designer, a production company searches a designer and vice versa. We all look for collaborators to define and anchor our creative ambitions. How can a compliment or adulation manipulate us to make a final decision to work with someone? And how do our ego and expectations deal with the impact and results of such actions?

Emulating a live episode of the popular TV show ‘Blind Date’, Depot Basel aims to illustrate how the game show format can be used to re-think the standard talk. For DESIGN DATE, a series of figures from the design scene are invited on stage, engaging in similar mechanics as the game show to find what they are looking for.

By applying a critical twist to the entertaining and humorous format, Depot Basel wants to reflect how to charm and being charmed can be an active part of our professional lives.


With: Brent Dzekciorius, Jana Scholze, Jacopo Sarzi, Loris & Livia, Studio Swine, Oskar Wanless & Attua Aparicio , Hilda Hellström , Marjan van Aubel, Clea Irving, Reinier Bosch & Carolina Wilcke,

Concept: adaptation of the TV show Blind Date (30 November 1985 to 31 May 2003)
Support: Eva Feldkamp
Music: Robert Andriessen
Voice: Rose Etherington
Costumes: designers own
Technical support: Victoria & Albert Museum
Videos: Robert Andriessen