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Wir sind keine Messe. Wir sind kein Festival,
kein Museum, kein Showroom, keine Galerie.
Wir sind ein temporärer Ort für kontemporäre Gestaltung,
mit den besten Absichten.

Exhibition 19 (23.11. – 18.12.13) –

Invite Changes – Chancen ENGLISH


Change and Exchange of Generations
Talk, Exhibition & Publication

Opening Friday 22.11., 7 PM – 10 PM
23. November – 18. December 2013
Opening Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 2 PM – 7 PM

DEPOT BASEL illustrates the preparations as well as the process and results of the discussion about the past, present and future of Switzerland as a production, education and work site (held in Depot Basel in September), and launches a follow-up publication. Whereas the discourse and publication are also about the exchange of knowledge and the passing-on and change of values, five photographic positions broach the issue of the physical transition from one generation to the next.

5 Swiss protagonists  from different generations talk about the past, present and future of Switzerland as a production, education and work site, and about the profession of a designer yesterday, today and tomorrow. As of 22.11. you can watch the discussion at Depot Basel or on Vimeo. It’s a 50-minute video recording.
With: Verena Huber, Claude Lichtenstein, Jörg Boner, Stefan Rechtsteiner und Meret Probst. Moderation. Claudia Mareis.

With excerpts from the discussion and written and pictorial commentaries by various authors, and the work of five photographers on the theme of change as an opportunity.
With: Trix & Robert Haussmann, Hansjörg Maier-Aichen, Adam Štech, Tido von Oppeln, Jesko Fezer and Friedrich von Borries, Frédéric Dedelley, Köbi Gantenbein, Birgit S. Bauer
With photography by: Gregor Brändli, Gina Folly, Sophie Jung, Moritz Lehner and Anne Gabriel-Jürgens & Marvin Zilm
Artwork: Mirijam Ziegler, Photos: Lukas Lienhard
ISBN 978-3-033-04354-1

Two-part publication, limited edition of 250 for CHF 30 /25 € each. You can buy the publication via


Pictures Publication

Bilder: Gregor Brändli


Pictures Exhibition

Bilder: Gregor Brändli


Pictures Opening

Bilder: Flurin Bertschinger


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