Depot Basel

Wir sind keine Messe. Wir sind kein Festival,
kein Museum, kein Showroom, keine Galerie.
Wir sind ein temporärer Ort für kontemporäre Gestaltung,
mit den besten Absichten.

Ausstellung 15 (10.06. – 29.06.2013) –
Craft & Drawing



10. – 29. June 2013

Opening Monday 10. June, 5 PM –11 PM

Uferstrasse 90, CH-4057 Basel
(next to Scope Art Fair – Shuttle Buses available)

Opening Times
11. – 16. June,  11 – 7 PM
20. – 22. June & 27. – 29. June ,  2 – 7 PM

DEPOT BASEL invited 13 designers to show a set of works alongside an self initiated artistic drawing. A blank sheet of paper becomes the designer’s playground, the designer becomes a draftsman.

Drawings express their own quality and unique aesthetic. While products usually have to be meticulously planned and developed over long periods, and thus transport the rich imaginary world of the author only in a smoothened and filtered way, in a drawing the thoughts, inspirations, poetry and imagination can be spontaneously and directly expressed.

Drawing has been a popular and fundamental means of public expression throughout history. The wide availability of instruments makes drawing more common than most other media for the expression of thought and simple, and at times advanced means of communicating visual ideas.

The exhibition shows each designers attitude towards creating an object and a drawing – 13 individual exhibitions within a group show.

Designer & Draftsmen
Maria Jeglinska, PL | Bertille & Mathieu, CH | Liliana Ovalle, UK + Colectivo 1050º (MEX) | Fabien Cappello, UK | Lukas Wegwerth, D | Josh Bitelli, UK | Ya Wen Chou, TWN | Lola Lely, UK | Fredrik Paulsen, SWE | Sander Wassink, NL | Lio De bruin, NL | Klara Sumova, CZ | Giulio Parini, CH



Pictures: Christine Benz


Supported by

1 Lehni     2 Frame     5 Matandme     3 British Council     4 polski_kolor_podstawowy     6 Uferstrasse 90